Monday 17 July 2006

Going Digital

Recent improvements in digital screen technology provide another medium for communicating to the customer. So far, the principal locations for such devices are at the pump computer head and in the store. All the principal pump manufacturers including Wayne Dresser, Tockheim and Marconi offer the facility of LCD screens in the pump computer head. Typically 12" units are utilised which convey a combination of messages including promotional, informational and statutory. Connection to the internet allows centralised real time editing of the message. Certain screens are touch sensitive allowing the user to interact, make a purchase or enquiry of some description.

The more space in-store allows a greater scope of digital message which can be communicated. Of particular note are the holographic screens which can be applied as either window "Decals" or sandwiched between two sheets of glass which are in turn mounted on a free-standing unit or suspended from the ceiling. Size varies from around 1m to 2m wide. Illumination level is daylight visible from the forecourt whilst not obscuring the view to the forecourt from within the shop. This "Ghosting" effect on the shop window is unique to holographic screens and is achieved in the minute transluscent prismatic coating. The computer / internet connected projector for the holographic screen is mounted neatly out of harms way in the ceiling of the shop. Holographic screens are not cheap but can effectively communicate a sophisticated message to a high volume of consumers.
Low cost solutions include mounting LCD screens in store that can even generate extra revenue by selling the advertising space.

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