Monday 17 July 2006

How to Design a Successful Petrol Station

This is the ninth book from Marcello Minale, but his first to cover the subject of forecourt design. Minale passion for petrol stations is reflected in this, his latest book.
Heralded by The Times newspaper as a true force in the design world, his insight and wisdom developed by years of designing for the energy sector is second to none and his observations and comments offer a pertinent view of the opportunities and pitfalls involved. He uses as examples only the best in forecourt design, both in terms of aesthetics and function, and the design story for each project is carefully explained and extensively illustrated with technical drawings, development concepts and final design solutions. The importance of branding is also discussed, being in Minale's view the key factor to differentiate the players in what is, in essence, a commodity industry.
Until now very little has been written on the subject of petrol station design despite the important role they play in modern day life. But it is all here in 'How to Design a Successful Petrol Station'. Minale takes a colourful look at the complexities behind a construction that until recently has been taken for granted - an essential reference book for designers, architects, engineers, planners and anyone interested in the energy sector.

 Marcello Minale, FCSD, M Inst Pet is Senior Designer, Partner and Chairman of Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy in London, UK ( He studied art in Italy and Scandinavia before coming to London in October 1962 where he joined Young & Rubicam as Design Director for two years. In 1964 he founded Minale Tattersfield & Partners with Brian Tattersfield. A regular jury member and past President of the Designers & Art Directors Association in London, Minale's consultancy has won 13 Silver Awards from the Association and a Gold Award from the Art Directors Club of New York. Together with Brian Tattersfield he was awarded the D&AD President's Award for outstanding contribution to British Design.

Over the years Minale has published 9 books on design. All have been sell-out successes. Minale developed an interest in designing for the energy sector early on in his career. Driven by what he saw as the sorry state of forecourt architecture in the 1960s, he was determined to leave his mark when inevitably the move came to rectify the situation. It seems he may have achieved his goal, having built up over the years an enviable client list including AGIP, BP, Elinoil, Italiana Petroli, LUKoil, Repsol YPF, Gilbarco, Logitron, Maser and Marconi, among others.

Now a recognised authority on design for the energy sector, he has built his reputation on his ability to create innovative yet practical designs, time and again. Two of his recent lectures include 'Getting designs on the future ...a vision beyond the auto-centric world' and 'The petrol station of the future'.
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  • 'How to Design a Successful Petrol Station' is available from
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