Tuesday 30 October 2007

Effective Sign Refurbisment

One of the UK's leading sign installation and maintenance companies has been appointed exclusive UK agent for a new generation sign refurbishment system.

Xmo Strata which claims to have the most highly trained sign installation and maintenance engineers working on petrol forecourts nationwide has launched the Vicom HQ system, which restores the colour of the original sign, provides UV protection and offers a 10 year warranty. The company says that Vicom HQ, which is entirely new to the UK, is a significant advance on existing sign refurbishment systems.

The signs undergo a special cleaning and preparation process before a patented formula is applied to the surface. Many engineers have already commenced specialist training on the Vicom HQ system, with full training expected to be complete by the Autumn.

"The on-site work required is relatively simple causing less disruption to staff and customers on already busy forecourts," said Xmo Strata Managing Director Steve Martin. "Forecourt retailers are acutely aware of the commercial repercussions caused by shabby and unkempt signage, understanding also that the cost implication of correcting this is high. The Vicom HQ system offers a much more cost effective and efficient method of maintaining an immaculate brand image.

Xmo Strata has a hard won reputation for premium quality and strict adherence to health and safety procedures. The company has undertaken extensive evaluation of the Vicom HQ system outside the UK and says that the shortcomings of some previous refurbishment systems have been overcome.

For further information on Vicom HQ contact Xmo Strata on 08700 117 750

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