Tuesday 9 February 2010

Motorola - Big news at SMAU

Minale Tattersfield was asked to create an environment for Motorola's 700 sq. m stand at the Office Machinery and Equipment Exhibition SMAU 2000 in Milan that would promote the four main market segments of their new WAP mobile phone range.

The stand was also to promote their new technology initiatives and their business infrastructure systems, and to include a bar area and private office spaces.

Our solution used 4 large cones of light abstracted from the Motorola 'M' logo and suspended from the ceiling to highlight 4 areas of the stand forecourt, representing Motorola's home and family, business, youth and high end market areas.

Phone displays included 'quirky' solutions such as the water cooler in the office, a terrarium on the home coffee table and phones stitched into the sail of a sail board.

The stand was very successful and was even commented as the 'real big news at the SMAU'.

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