Thursday 4 March 2010

Pretty logo

Statoil logo

The new Statoil identity is certainly ‘Pretty’ and an expression of modernity but why is it only corporate business to business users get to see it? Why is it retail customers who are by far the biggest audience have to put up with the old oil drop that says ‘We are an old fashioned, uncaring oil company'? Logic would point more to the reverse, i.e. ever more demanding retail customers are according to market research and actual trading figures choosing to place their custom with brands more aligned with their own values.

No doubt there are many compelling reasons to update the corporate identity of Statoil, to herald the dropping of Hydro from the name, to galvanise the workforce, to communicate dynamism to investors, and so on, but as Statoil admit, it is the $100,000,000 required to change the retail identity applied to 2000 filling stations that is the real problem.

If that is the case then a Statoil may have been better advised to opt for BP’s strategy when changing from the shield to the helios sun symbol where expensive physical changes to the retail outlets was minimised in some cases to just changing the logo panels and not the fascias. This option is not immediately open to Statoil since the new identity is a pink / red colour which is totally at odds with the orange blue existing colour palette.

Statoil totem with former logo

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