Monday 22 February 2010

The AA brilliant brand building commercial

One of my favourite TV commercials, and one that I use a lot when running brand management training courses, is this one from the AA. Strong brands build empathy with the consumer and strong communications of these brands gives consumers reasons to buy and reason to prefer. But good advertising is not just about information (which is processed by the left hand side of the brain and is rational) but also about emotion (which is processed by the right hand side of the brain – the creative and emotional side of us). The AA’s ad appeals equally to both sides of the brain with the powerful use of the baby in frame one – surely the most dramatic challenge for any mother would be to break down in her car miles from anywhere! But reassurance comes from the AA and the tag line, which is sung, says it all: “You’ve got a friend” – mind you for this ad to work and enhance the brand they have to deliver the promise 99% of the time!

Paddy Briggs

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