Wednesday 16 November 2011

Eco-friendly bus that runs off champagne

A three month test project is currently underway in Reims to trial an ethanol-powered bus. Interestingly, the biofuel is produced from grape pomace, waste matter during the champagne production process.

Two partners Veolia-Transdev and the manufacturer Scania developed the idea, and if the trial proves successful, the project will not only benefit the local economy but also spur innovation and development by companies elsewhere in Europe.

This presents a good opportunity to drive awareness of the waste-to-biofuel sector and ethanol fuel as a credible alternative to petrol and diesel.

The Reims project coincides with the recent launch of Ecomobilité Ventures, a 30 million euro investment structure to support young and innovative European companies seeking start-up advice and financing for launching sustainable mobility products, services and clean technologies.

The venture is led by a coalition of major French companies including Total, Peugeot, SNCF, Orange and Citroën who are looking to build up their 'green' credentials. The group will acquire minority interests in these companies at the start-up or development stage and will support them over the long term.

Marcello Mario Minale comments: "It is great to see different industries coming together to trial sustainable approaches to help solve economic and environmental difficulties. As brand specialists for clients in the roadside fuel and sparkling wine industries, we are monitoring progress very closely."

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