Friday 6 January 2012

Beyond words... Bringing substance to eco-designs

Over the years Minale Tattersfield has designed a range of branded interior environments from unique retail spaces, like La Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers Belges through to museum spaces and innovative petrol forecourts designs. When designing for a specific environment, our 3D design teams need to continually update their knowledge of the latest trends in surface design technologies including flooring and interior surfaces,

while our lead project manager will be evaluating the cost/benefits of incorporating a completely new material, and how it might implicate across signature style and brand personality.

It is always on our minds to incorporate sustainable materials where possible.

I discovered recently an interior design product called Re-Y-Stone by a company called Resopal. It consists entirely of regenerative raw materials, and appears highly stress-resistant and tough thanks to its innovative bio-resin properties. We think the biocomposite material has good potential as the resin as it is not petroleum-based but comes from sugar cane.

The product has been recently launched and we will be keen to look more into bio-product adoption in the year ahead. Fuel retailers are increasingly looking to position themselves as environmentally concerned and in order to remain competitive they will be looking to substantiate their eco-brand credentials.

by Marcello Mario Minale

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