Wednesday 3 April 2013

Kerb trip incident acts as reminder for forecourt owners

Kerb accident at petrol station forecourt
Petrol station boss Steve Jones, Harvest Energy | Credit: Anglia News

PC Kelly Jones “drops legal action” against burglary victim whose kerb she tripped over at a Harvest Energy  petrol station in Thetford, Norfolk on August 25, 2012.

According to Steve Martin, Managing Director of sign installation company Xmo Strata, the highly publicised case could be ‘helpful’ for forecourt owners and those working in the industry.

Wary to seize on the opportunity, Mr Martin said the incident did not involve signs, but was a useful reminder to anyone working on fuel forecourts.

“This kind of controversy can only be helpful in limiting the possibility of future claims of this type”, he said.

UK-based forecourt designers Minale Tattersfield, who work closely with sign contractors from around the world, believes a properly designed forecourt should preemptively seek to address on site hazards – two such ways are to ensure the forecourt is appropriately lit and signed.

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