Monday 17 July 2006

LED for Petrol Stations

Successfully illuminating long canopy facades has always been the ultimate technical challenge above ground on a petrol station. Cold cathode, hot cathode, chain lights and even "Light tubes" have been used to various levels of success but nothing yet has overtaken strip fluorescent tubes.
Light Emitting Diodes exist in many forms and are incorporated in most household and industrial products. Hewlett Packard have invested in developing an LED product applicable for linear lighting applications. The product branded "Chipstrip" is available in Europe from the ECCE group of sign companies. Consisting of a printed circuit board incorporating both the wiring and LEDs, Chipstrip slots into a polycarbonate tube coloured in any of the primary colours including white. Offering a ten year life and 12 volt supply, Chipstrip is priced at just below $100 / metre and aims to replace neon light sources.

We at PSD reckon once a competitor offers an alternative system and production really begins to role, this price should come down and eventually offer a realistic alternative to fluorescent.

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