Monday 17 July 2006

Modular Petrol Stations

Distinct from mobile filling stations which have an above ground tank, modular petrol stations are the low tech "Half-way house"solution which offer a more traditional looking filling station albeit on a smaller scale, with tanks underground. Not having to worry about the extra engineering necessary for above ground tanks, modular stations can be cheaper than mobile stations.

Further savings over traditional methods can be made by negating the need for extended pipe runs by mounting the pumps and even the canopy directly to the tank assemby. Site works can therefore be quite minimal, consisting of just digging a trench, laying in the tank and finally fixing the pumps and canopy. Anchoring the tank in areas of high water tables would be necessary in addition to providing an area of containment with water / oil separating facilities. (Even mobile stations require the provision of a containment / separation area so they are not quite the "Drop & Go" solutions that some would like to think).

Shop/attendant facilities can be added locally or be included within the "Kit" of parts. Containerised modular stations can offer a very affordable and appropriate solution for developing markets and remote locations.

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