Monday 17 July 2006

Texaco Opens Parcel Sites

Texaco unveiled Relay Star, the first pick-up and drop-off package service to use petrol stations as depots, on Monday 10th June.

The Chevron Texaco subsidiary has been piloting the service in North London with engineers from IBM since April. But Monday 10th June was the official date for rolling out the concept to almost 1,000 sites throughout Britain.

Phillipe Brasseur, the general manager of Relay Star, came up with the idea for the service in 1999, which has been running successfully in the Benelux countries since June 2000.
Allowing products to be delivered to local Texaco stations has proved convenient because of their extended opening hours, on-site parking and secure storage areas.
Relay Star has signed up a small number of customers, including the technology giant NCR and Sabre Supply Management, who deliver telecoms equipment. More companies are to be announced soon.
Established carriers such as UPS, Securicor, Parcel Force and Vision, will manage the deliveries.

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