Friday 25 August 2006

BP Launches Target Neutral

Minale Tattersfield Client

There is much debate surrounding BP’s new initiative to beat global warming. General opinion on green issues seems distinctly polarised, divided on the one side by “Petrol heads” and on the other the “Rainbow warriors”. For us in the middle the arguments are less polarised. Consumer research reveals there is widespread concern about the environment but what are we to do? Since no realistic quick fix solution seems forthcoming, apathy and paralysis result.

Thus BP’s “Target Neutral”, where we are urged to donate £20 to fund CO2 reduction schemes, fills a vacuum for those of us eager not pass the whole environmental problem to the next generation. BP will also add an amount from their own coffers with every Nectar card purchase from their outlets. Having played a lead creative role in BP turning “Green” in 1987, it is gratifying to see the rare occurrence of an ex-client embrace their identity to such an extent it becomes the cornerstone of their corporate philosophy. Alas not all of BP’s ventures are as squeaky clean as the solar-electric canopies of the retail outlets. They could do more; even simply putting doors on the Convenience store refrigerators would save a huge amount of energy and therefore CO2 emissions. Nevertheless within the oil industry BP are well respected and set a commendable example. At least they are moving in the right direction.”

Other clients of ours also wish to respect the environment but have faltered at the cost of installing new environmentally-friendly technology - despite a longer term promise of payback. However there have been successes - with rainwater harvesting at all Reliance retail outlets in India and an ambitious solar project in Africa.

Within Minale Tattersfield’s Energy offer is a Certified Energy Efficiency engineer who is available to advise on projects. He assesses clients’ current energy usage and recommends savings. This drives blue sky thinking at all points to create more informed and future-focused initiatives at each stage. As Davis sums up, “Whilst we applaud any step in the right direction, we all have to recognise that within this industry, there will always be more that can be done. And it’s up to us, as problem-solvers and experts, to work with our clients to find the best solutions for everyone.

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